Developing a simple Mobile Web Application which is not working in openwave simulator

Aug 23, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Hi All,

I m developer,Nvoice in field of mobile application development.We have been assigned the task of developing a mobile website which should run on all platforms.I searched through google and came across many replies but again not with a clear picture. I have intalled mobile sdk packages on my system,then i was able to have mobile template in my visual studio.Build a simple mobile page and it run perfectly in normal browser i.e. IE,mozilla.But when i installed openwave simulator on my system and run it in openwave simulator it stops working..Getting error connection to server lost.

Stuck with the problem please help me by answering following question..

What we need to develop a mobile wep application in visual

Is WAP or mobile application is one or same thing?

Mobile application are hosted on which server?is there any separate procedure to host mobile application than normal websites?

what licences or softwares we require at server end?